Adjectives or adverbs with or without ‘ly’.

  1. It was hardly raining when the plane landed. (hard)

  1. I’ve never won as high as you did. (high)

  1. After 1906, Cocaine could only be produced illegally (illegal).

  1. ________, enough, it was not considered to be that dangerous before, (strange).

  1. He got only two years imprisonment for his delict – I think that’s fair (fair)

  • Rewrite the sentences, putting the adverbial in place:

  1. They had hoped to arrive. (on Friday evening / there / at about 8 o’clock / undoubtedly).

Undoubtedly, they had hoped to arrive there at 8 o’clock on Friday evening.

  1. The car broke down on the way and could not be repaired until (unfortunately / the next day / lunch – time / however).

However the car broke down on the way and could unfortunately be repaired until the lunch time the next day.